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Tea Break Productions 

– What are Tea Break Productions? –


It is a mobile theatrical experience.
We recruit a group of young actors (3 to 6). Our customers would send us a text message from wherever they are with in a decided area in London. We go to the location and perform a 3 to 10 minutes intimate sketch play according to the location such as streets, pubs, parks, offices, living rooms, etc.

The process would be the same as putting on a stage production except it's quicker and cheaper but more original.

It's never been done before since actors visited castles in middle-ages.


This idea has been developed in order to attract people who do not usually come to a theatre. I believe that a theatrical experience can change the way you live and make your life more enjoyable. However, it is very frightening and takes an effort for them to visit a theatre. Therefore, the idea is to take a play to them than making them come to us. In a space they're most comfortable with.

Theatrical experience should not be limited to be gained in a theatre. A real time performance has never been this accessible and personal before.

Because they are sketch length, it is going to be very easy to film them and upload online. However, they can never get a full value of these plays online because the plays are designed to be intimate and personal such as whispering some lines to the audience's ears.

Also these sketches can be redirected to suite school and corporate workshops. The initial recruitments, rehearsals and building up the system (mobile networks etc) are the most difficult and time consuming bit of this project.