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-Outline for Bernard Leach Production-

The play is going to be written and directed by our Artistic Director. It will illustrate the company ethos and bring to the public’s attention the stimulating possibilities of fusion of the art from two cultures.


The story is formed around an Artist called Bernard Leech. He was born in Hong Kong, raised in Japan and educated in England. He then returned to Japan in his youth to explore Japanese ceramic making. His life was devoted to introducing Japanese ceramics and its production techniques to England as well as being an artist in his own right. He built the first Japanese style pottery in Europe, which still exists in St Ives, Cornwall.

In this production, his whole or partial life story interfaces with a Japanese folk story called “Yuki onna” (Snow-woman).

We are planning to use filmed images with a portable handheld projector.

We are going to explore his youth in particular. His search for his identity in London and finally deciding to take up his career as an artist despite all the disagreements do meet our Artistic Director’s experience as well as the company ethos.


We are also considering taking the production on a small tour before the London performance if the time permits. The target locations include St Ives in particular according to the link with Bernard Leech. We also intend to explore the possibilities of holding workshops and other interactive events.


Leach Pottery in St. Ives and its Mayer have already showed there interests to support this production.