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Past Productions

Tea Leaf Theatre has not launched, yet.

However, our Artistic Director Tanroh Ishida has produced several productions including a one-man show in 2006 under a different company name (Raw and Uncooked Company).

Kyogen - Raw and Uncooked
Author/cast: Tanroh Ishida
    Directors: Ezra Hjalmarsson, Andy Johnson

Critic's Choice *****
-The Scotsman-

'This zany performance is a cross-cultural delight.'
-The Stage-

'...an understanding which, combined with his enthusiasm, allowed him to make a potentially difficult translation clear and interesting'
-Edinburgh Evening News-

Company website: http://mysite.stagenamedomains.com/10241/index.asp?pageno=1

-A Room Full of Fans-

Author/cast: Tanroh Ishida
Directors: Eliot Shrimpton, Tanroh Ishida